spiritual life + neurodiversity

autistic-centered, nonsectarian spiritual direction and supportive community for misfits and rebels.

Quick update!

October 2023: The "mindgeographic.xyz" domain name was phased out. This site is now reachable at mindgeographic.adstellam.xyz.

In the near future, I will be entirely revising the contents of this website in order to align better with where I am now. Much of what you find here represents a somewhat outdated and less-focused product of the earlier visioning process. 

There will be two components to the ministries going forward

~ Willow. 

Welcome to Mind Geographic!

Explore your inner geography. 

Congregational resources

Stay tuned.

Infinitus Church

Prayer is at the foundation of this work, and you too are included.

A brief informational page on the community we serve.

Mission statement, origin story, and who is that Willow person?