Advisory Panel

Your opportunities to shape the future of this ministry

As I have outlined elsewhere, the visions and missions of Mind Geographic are far larger than me. This is a work that I may have instigated, but this is not about me. I am here to be of service to God and to the neurodiverse communities around the world. At the end of the day, I am only but one fallible human being in all imperfections, limited by many things. This is never about self-aggrandisement or about building my "personal cult."

For this reason, I am hoping to form an advisory panel of about 12 members (after all, even Jesus had to have 12 inner-group people!) for the purpose of soliciting feedback, moral support, and accountability. This panel will be an informal one and does not place its members under any legal or financial obligations. I'd like to have balanced representations of neurodiverse and neurotypical individuals, from diverse backgrounds. Members do not have to be affiliated with any church, or even theologically agree with me, although a good understanding and knowledge of Christian or interfaith ministries are a plus.

This advisory panel will be separate from any leadership team the Expeditioners' Church may create down the road.