About Mind Geographic

Neurodiversity is your strength.

Spiritual direction in the world of neurodiversity.

Mission statement:

The mission of Mind Geographic is to equip the autistic and other neurodiverse people to become the spiritual, prophetic, and moral leaders of the coming age, and to build communities of faiths that recognize and amplify the invaluable contributions of the autistic community to the world while putting the experience of the neurodiverse individuals front and center.

Mind Geographic offers affordable spiritual direction services to autistic adults and neurotypical people alike, with a special emphasis on the former. 

Spiritual direction is sometimes called "soul companionship," a hand-holding and partnership in exploring your belief systems, how they affect your life, and crafting religious or spiritual practices that work for you. 

The spiritual direction practice of Mind Geographic is fee-based and is nonsectarian and non-proselytizing. I welcome and work with people of all religious traditions/affiliations as well as with the "nones." 

In addition, Mind Geographic amplifies the voices of autistic religious people and advocates for their full inclusion in existing faith communities and denominations. To this end Mind Geographic also will offer educational materials and other assistance to interested congregations. 

The other aspect of Willow's ministries is its community-building mission, Infinitus Church.  This emergent, digital-first church born in the COVID-19 era is nondenominational and independent, that is rooted in the lived experiences and cultures of neurodiversity. The larger vision of this is to build a network of independent and self-propagating churches, cultivate leadership through our own ministry school or seminary, and construct social resilience through a robust solidarity economy and mutual aid system.    


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