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Every movement starts with a "catalyst."

For any venture to succeed, it's not the founder that matters. It's the "first follower." The first follower is the catalyst that starts a movement. The first follower is that which distinguishes a movement-starter from a "random lone nut."

For this groundbreaking work to move forward and succeed, I invite you to become my catalyst.

Even Jesus had to have his first twelve disciples, or else he might have been forgotten quickly as another random lone nut.

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The advisory panel is an informal group of core supporters of Mind Geographic, for the purpose of feedback and accountability. (Read more)

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It is my goal to make my spiritual direction practice a self-funded activity through fees collected from clients. This model allows the greatest degree of flexibility, without getting myself into the dreaded non-profit politics and extra compliance burdens.

However, your contributions are appreciated as they can be used to offer discounted or no-fee sessions for those in need, as well as to produce media contents that are offered to everyone. Such contributions are not charitable donations and are not tax-deductible in any way. They're treated as a private gift.