Fee chart

Mind Geographic operates most of its services on a fee basis. The fees are set in order to cover expenses, support my livelihood so as to allow me to concentrate on this work (while also furthering my education), and to fund free services to the general public, such as educational media contents.

In order to make this service accessible to all who need it, I have established an equity-based pricing as follows. Please note that these tiers are self-reported. I do not require or collect any supporting documentations, in the interest of upholding client privacy and to safeguard personal data.

Spiritual direction

Tier A:

You have unstable or no housing, you work multiple jobs, are unemployed, and/or on public and/or private charitable assistance; you are struggling to make ends meet; you are a refugee, newly arrived immigrant, or undocumented immigrant; and/or you are a full-time (8 credit hours or more) student. 

Tier B:

You are a "working class," have a stable housing, steady income, and some money left for entertainment.

Tier C:

You are a "middle class," have a full-time career job and steady income, can afford regular vacations, and you can either afford to rent a luxury apartment or a house, or are a homeowner.

Tier D:

Any of the following: You derive a large percentage of your income from investment and other unearned wealth. You are a landlord, or own multiple homes (such as a vacation home and your regular home). You are a part or sole owner of a business that employs more than 10 people. You can afford regular vacations abroad.

For Tiers A and B, trades of goods or services equal to the values of the posted fees are also welcome. Please inquire for details.

Fees for classes and groups are determined and announced separately.

How to make a payment

Payment methods: Cash (in person), money orders, cashier's checks, or major cryptocurrencies (BTC, LTC, or XNO only). Contact me for alternative payment methods or barter options if either option is not possible. (As of September 2021, I am no longer accepting payment by personal checks or PayPal. This is to ensure that your personal financial data is safe, and in case of any data breach I would not be exposed to liabilities.) 

Those paying with cryptocurrency will receive a 15 percent discount on invoices to offset any exchange spreads. 

When making an appointment, please specify which payment method you prefer. An invoice will be sent to you by email.